From Darknesses to Light

October 4, 2010

All Rajasthan Conference, Jamaat-E-Islami Hind, Rajasthan
“From Darknesses To Light” was the central theme of the 2 days state level conference held by the Jamaat-E-Islami Hind, Rajasthan, on 2nd and 3rd October 2010, at Waadi-e-Aman, Karbala Ground, Jaipur.

The conference commenced with Quraan Recitation by Hafiz Muhammad Yaseen, President JIH Niwai. A theme song composed by Janab Intizar Naeem Sb. was sung by Junior Associates of SIO.

Jamaat’s All India President Maulana Syed Jalaluddeen Umari, inaugurating the 2 days conference, said “today the world is surrounded by several types of darkness (hence the theme ‘From Darknesses To Light’), the weaker are being oppressed by the powerful, women are subjected to violence, their rights are being violated, they have been denied the very basic right to ‘live’, a girl child is killed right in her mother’s womb, before she could take a single breath in this world.” He said that these are a few types of darkness we are living in.

State President Engineer Muhammad Saleem pointed at some more kinds of darkness. He said that our youth has lost direction and has become uncertain about his or her future. It is the prime duty of every citizen of India to strive for reconstruction of the country based on peace and justice, he added. He said that the Muslims have to come forward to restore the rights of every deprived and oppressed.

In his welcome address, Janab Waqar Ahmad, president Jaipur unit and organizer of the 2 days conference, said that today, the darknesses are being deemed as light, whereas the light is being propagated as darkness. It is our responsibility to bring our fellow countrymen out of these darknesses, he said.

Women’s Session: The central theme of the session was “Role Of Women In Making An Ideal Family And Society.” women’s coordinator for western India, Mrs. Muneera Khanam said that an ideal family in the eyes of Islam is one, in which all the members dwell with love and unity, recognize and respect each other’s rights, where the basic Islamic values of Tauheed, Risalah and Akhirah are strictly observed and rights of Allah and His servants are given accordingly. Quoting a Hadeeth, she said that the best gift from the side of parents to their children is the best education and good manners. She said that women should come forward for reconstruction of an ideal society, in which every person gets his of her due rights and nobody is subjected to oppression and injustice.

While speaking on the topic “ Role of Girl Students in reconstruction of the society”, Sister Yasmeen From Pune said that young women and girl students can play crucial role in reconstruction of the society, as the coming generation will be nurtured in their laps only, hence they must acquire good knowledge and set up to prepare the new generation. Today the campus atmosphere has been polluted with fashionism and nudity and the girls are entrapped into the blind race, she said. The tragedy is that even the Muslim girls are following the trail that leads to destruction. She urged the Muslim girls to dwell in their campuses with Islamic identity and adore themselves with Islamic manners and character so that other girls may be impressed by the Islamic teachings.

On this occasion, Mrs. Arifa Parveen, Women’s organizer for Gujrat State, said while expressing her views on “Situation Of Women In Our Country, Causes and Solution” that the woman is as oppressed today as she was in the ancient times. The male-female ratio in our country has been disturbed due to the ever increasing trend of female foeticide; the number of female gender is decreasing in comparison of the male one, she added. She said that Islam gives glad tidings to the parents on the birth and rearing a girl child without any discrimination that such parents will enter the paradise. She said that the basic responsibility of a woman is to look after her family.

Maulana Muhammed Rafeeq Qasmi, central secretary Jamaat-E-Islami Hind for Islamic Society said due to the wrong perception, that it was woman who betrayed Adam and caused him to be expelled from the paradise, men have legitimised all kinds of cruelty and injustice against her. He was concerned about the religious education of the girls. He said that if anybody wants to live a pious life, he or she will have to turn towards Islam where no body is subjugated and every one is given his due rights.

A resolution was also passed on this occasion, expressing great concern over the ever increasing trend of female foeticide, deeming it an inhuman act. The house urged the government to enforce the law properly, made to curb the female foeticide and punish the culprits sternly. The house also expressed its concern over the increasing cruelty against women, in and out of her home. The house was also concerned about the growing fashion of nudity and promiscuity and deemed the fast waning dignity of woman a big threat to the society. The house expressed its concern on the double burden that has been imposed upon the woman as she is being required to earn as well as look after her family and as a result, she is suffering from different kinds of physical and mental diseases. The house was sure that if this trend continued, institutions like home, family and marriage will vanish from the society. The house was also deeply concerned that a number of sisters and daughters are being forced to indulge in flash trade; the house loudly denounced the act. The house pledged to strive for girl education as well as to curb harmful traditions like dowry and unnecessary expenses in marriages.

Milli Session: A special session on the theme “Important issues of the Islamic community, causes and solutions” was held in the night of the first day. A number of Scholars from different Muslim sects addressed the delegates attending the 2 days conference. Presiding over the session, All India vice president of Jamaat-E-Islami Hind, Mr. Muhammad Jaafar said that the Muslim Ummah has forgotten the very purpose of its existence on the earth and this is the root cause of every kind of its problems. He expressed his sorrow on the fact that the Uummah has divided and subdivided into sects and sub-sects abandoning its unity, that is why the Muslims have become insubstantial in the world. He said that the Muslims have one Kalima and one Quraan and not any other community in the world has such a basis for unity, hence we must stand united and strive for the establishment of ‘Deen.’ If this Ummah stands up, for solving the problems of the other downtrodden and deprived communities and people, their own problem will be solved automatically, he added.

Dr. Qasim Rasool Ilyas, member of the central advisory council of the JIH and executive body of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said addressing the huge crowd comprising of Muslim men and women, “today, the Muslim Ummah has reduced itself to a demanding group, it goes from door to door and party to party stretching a beggar’s hand and begs for its rights and its requirements.” He said that the Muslim community is suffering from the ‘minority complex’, while the fact is that Muslims have always remained in minority and still triumphed on every occasion, relying only on the help and mercy of  Almighty Allah, if it could happen in the past, how it is not possible today?

Former General Secretary, Jamiat Ahle Hadees and Vice President, All India Milli Council, Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji said that we have got our country free from the British, and we only are able to reconstruct it better for ourselves. He said that we have to spread the light by our character and good deeds. “The nations survive by virtue of peace and justice and destroyed by oppression and injustice,” he added.

Qari Mueenuddeen, Convener Rajasthan Muslim Forum, said that the Muslims have cut their relation with their creator and that is why they are lost in disgrace and insult. He was of the opinion that our issues can be solved only if we re establish our relation with Allah Subhanahu Wa Taa’la.

Maulana Jalal Hyder Naqvi, Joint Secretary, Majlis Ulama-E-Hind said that we Muslims are like a lamp, let the darkness be of any degree, when a lamp is put on the darkness is destined to vanish. He said that though, today,  we are divided into different schools of thought, but again, let the lamps be in any number, when they are lit the resultant light is unified and is always one. He said that Muslims never accepted the concept of super power.

Mr. Pekar Farooq, state president of APCR (Association For Protection Of Civil Rights), said that 30% of the Muslim population lives below the Poverty Line and similarly we are badly lagging back educationally. We didn’t ever recognize our political strength and hence we are being subjected to every kind of oppression.

State President JIH, Engineer Muhammad Saleem said that the Muslim community is ever united on the basis of ‘Kalima Tayyiba’, and our unity is against none but for the establishment of justice and spreading virtue. He said that it is difficult for weaker sections of the society to avail justice. “Here”, he said, “verdicts are given on the basis of beliefs, overlooking the facts and evidences; Muslim youth are jailed without proving any crime against them, even after two years.”

Secretary of the Jamiat Ulama-E-Hind Maulana Abdul Hameed Naumani from Delhi said that we need to re-establish our connection with our creator. He also laid stress on the necessity of unity within the Ummah.

National Session: On the second day of the conference, 3rd October, a special session was held with the central theme “Making A Prosperous India On The Basis Of Peace and Justice.”
Speaking as the chief guest, Shankaracharya of Prayag Peeth, Swami Onkaranand Saraswaty said that religion joins the people and doesn’t separate them, because that is not a true religion which divides people. Unity is essential for bringing people into light from darkness and the task requires youth to come forward.

Jamaat’s Central Secretary, Professor Aijaz Ahmad Aslam, presiding over the session, said that the darkness can never overcome the light, whenever light comes forward, the darkness vanishes, however long the night, dawn will surely replace it. If we return towards our Sustainer and follow the divine guidance sent down by our Lord, our country can become the leader of the world.

State President JIH, Engineer Muhammad Saleem said that today, corruption has become our national identity, woman’s respect and dignity is being sold in the name of women’s freedom, her rights are being violated, our youth has become hopeless about his future, in this situation, followers of different religions and ideologies must come together to guide the country towards right direction and bring it out of the darkness in the light.

AIMPLB executive member Dr. SQR Ilyas said that 25% citizens of our country sleep breadless and 42% live below poverty line, on the other hand we are spending Rs. 70 thousand crores on the Commonwelth Games. He was of the opinion, that the GDP scale is fraudulent which shows false progress while we are lagging behind. He said that ultimately we have to return towards the way of life sent down by our Lord, as the man made ways of life can never be beneficial for us.

On this occasion, Mr. Ved Vyas, president Bhaichara Foundation, Mr. Sawai Singh, Convener Sadbhav Manch, renowned Gandhian Thinker and writer Mr Kumar Prashant, PUCL State President Mr. PK Sharma, President of Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhinidhi Sabha Mr. Satya vrat Samvedi, Former chairman of the Rajasthan Minority Commission Sardar Jasbeer Singh, President Masihi Shakti Samity Father Vijay Paul Singh also expressed their views. Following resolutions were passed on this occasion:

• On this occasion of the two days state conference of the Jamaat-E-Islami Hind, Rajasthan, we the followers of all religions vow that we will strive to strengthen the environment of mutual love, brotherhood and trust. We also pledge to strive for the elimination of every kind of tyranny, injustice and exploitation and for the establishment of peace and justice so that our country can progress in the peaceful atmosphere.

• This house expresses its deep concern over the ever increasing poverty, rising dearness, and widening gape between the rich and the poor. In the opinion of this house, the situation is worsening thanks to the wrong policies of the government and interest based economic system. This house demands from the government to change the anti people policies that benefit the capitalists and capitalistic system only. This house is of the opinion that only interest free economic system can eliminate the poverty from our country and lead us towards the real progress and prosperity.

• This house condemns all acts of terrorism and violence and demands unbiased probe into all incidents of terrorism in the country and stern punishment to the culprits, let them belong to any community or group.

• In the past few years, many Muslim youth have been detained by the police only on the basis of doubt. Neither any charge could be proved yet against them nor have they been released. This house demands from the government to speed up the judicial process, so that the innocent persons could be released and the real culprits could be brought behind the bars.

• This house especially urges the Rajasthan government to fulfill its duty to ensure justice to the Muslim youth who have been detained by the police in doubt of involvement into the Jaipur Blast. The police have failed to prove any allegations against them although  a long period of two years has passed, so they must either be set free or the  charges be proved against them, so that their precious lives could be saved from being ruined in the jails.

• This house demands from the government to get the case of Jaipur Bomb Blast reinvestigated in the light of the findings of Maharashtra Police about the Malegaon Blast case, so that the real criminals could be brought to justice and the innocent could be freed.

• This house appeals to the Muslims to endeavor for the elimination of educational backwardness and improve their economic condition and demands from the government to make serious efforts in the light of the recommendations of Sachchar committee and Rangnath Mishra commission. Muslims must be given reservation in education as well as government jobs so that the largest minority of the country might get its legitimate rights, their poverty and backwardness could be eliminated and our country could move faster towards progress.

• This house appeals to the Muslims to come forward to help the downtrodden and weaker sections of the society living in this country in getting justice and their due rights as this is the religious duty of the Muslims. The Muslims must favour the oppressed and strive to get justice ensured to the deprived ones without any discrimination among casts, creeds or religions. Muslims should also join hands with other organizations and groups struggling for justice and human rights.

• This house feels that the recent verdict given by the special bench of the Allahabad High Court regarding the title suit of the land of the Babari Masjid is not according to their expectations. The experts are studying the details of the verdict and Muslims will go to the Supreme Court for getting justice and they hope that the Supreme Court of our country will give its final verdict according to their hope, that is justice. However this house is very much satisfied and happy that all citizens of the country maintained peace and law & order after the verdict and hope that they will keep peace in the future. This house repeats the vow of all the Muslims to respect the verdict of the Supreme Court in every condition. This house unanimously resolves to maintain mutual brotherhood in the country.

Concluding Session: In his concluding speech, Maulana Jalaluddeen Umari, National President JIH said that the only way to come out of darkness is to hold the book of Allah fast and ask this book for guidance then proceed in its guidance only. He said that only Allah’s Deen (way of life) is true all other ways of life are false and wrong. The only ideal and role model for the whole mankind is Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), hence accept Him as your and guide leader, he added. He said that your step raised in the way of Allah, will save you from the hell.

On this occasion, Engineer Muhammad Saleem, State President JIH Rajasthan said that the Muslim Ummah is a group that invites people towards the way of Allah so it shouldn’t forget its duty and position. He said that we should not feel any hesitance or fear in inviting people to Islam, because, we only want to save them from the fire. He said that primarily this is the duty of the Islamic scholars to present the teachings of the holy Quraan before all human beings, regardless of cast, creed or religion. He said that the Muslims have to stand upholders of justice and raise their voice against every kind of tyranny, and injustice. He held that the Jamaat-E-Islami Hind calls people only towards complete surrender to their Lord and sustainer, Allah (SWT).

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