REPEL THE EVIL WITH GOOD – Release of a documentary film in Chennai

October 22, 2012

A drop in an Ocean- documentary film has been released depicting the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on 20-10-2012 at 7pm in Creative Communication Chennai auditorium

The function started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Abdul Khader. On Behalf of True Vision, Mr. Jalaluddin shared the purpose of releasing such a documentary film. It is a humble step to reply the film; Innocence of Muslim, through film. Based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to repel the evil with good, this documentary has been released

After the introductory speech, renowned film director Mr. Ameer released the first CD of the documentary film to the vice president of Creative Chennai Communication Mr. G.Abdul Raheem. The second copy was received by Mr. Jayabal a cinema actor. The third copy was received by the co-ordinator of united Muslim organization Br. Mohammmad Haneef

Speaking on the occasion noted film director Mr. Ameer appreciated the director of the documentary film Mr.  V.S Muhammad Ameen for his efforts in replying to the dirty film in the language of film. Similar works have to be done in future in a professional manner in future for which he will stand as a support. He invited the younger generation to learn the latest technology to convey the noble teachings of Islam.

Dr.K.V.S Habeeb Muhammad, Vice President of IFT has appreciated Director V.S Muhammad Ameen for his efforts in releasing the documentary in a short time span. He invoked Allah’s blessings for him. Responding violence with violence is not a solution. We must approach the anti-Islamic waves with patience and peaceful Methods. The evil intention of bad and wrong film makers will not stop the development and honor of Islam. No force can stop the progress of Islam. In Conclusion he appreciated the positive approach of this documentary film.

Finally, the director of the documentary film, A drop in an Ocean, Mr. V.S Muhammad Ameen has extended his sincere thanks to Riaz, Ahmed, Kabeer, Danapal and all others. This is a work undertaken in a short span of time with a limited budget. He pointed out that it is only an initial and humble step in this field. He extended his heartiest thanks to director Ameer for his presence in this inaugural function

The function concluded with Vote of thanks by Syed Sultan, By-editor of samarasam; Tamil fortnightly.

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  1. muhammad imran

    very commendable. Allah bless u and ur team and accept all efforts.

  2. khajapeer

    good can i get to see this documentary.anybody mail to me.

  3. Khalid Kamal

    Good work of Jamaat E-Islami-Hind team… God bless of JIH team…

  4. Abdul Zaheer @ Zaheer Lalitpuri

    Alhamdolillah, it is also one of the best efforts of JIH team for dawat-purpose.Jazakallahu. I think it should spread in different part of world and as well as our country in other languages like Urdu, Hindi etc.

  5. Mohamed Ismail Nadwi

    This documentary is highly appreciable and reflect the nature of Muslims and Islam,and especially condemns the false documentary about Prophet Mohamed Peace be upon him that documentary was shacked the world by its evilness and fraudulence ,,and our Islamic nation to be needed to adopt like this technology for the purpose of Dawa .


    Please provide it’s English or hindi version also

  7. e World Arabic Translation

    Masha Allah, Great work ! it should be translated in Tamil as the Umar Movie was translated and different languages !