Saudi Arab’s Islamic Affairs Minister visits JIH headquarters Ameer-e Jamaat expresses concern over situation in Syria, Egypt and Bangladesh

February 19, 2014


New Delhi, 18 Feb 2014: Saudi Arab’s Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da’wah, and Guidance, Salih ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad Al-Shaykh visited the headquarters of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind here on Monday. A program was organized in the honour of the Saudi minister who was accompanied with a Saudi delegation. Ameer-e Jamaat Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Naib Ameer Mohammad Jafar, General Secretary Nusrat Ali and other leaders of the Jamaat attended the program.

In his welcome speech, Ameer-e Jamaat expressed his happiness over the visit of the Saudi delegation to the Jamaat headquarters. He gave a brief introduction of religious, social and welfare activities of the Jamaat. He also expressed his concern over the present situation in Islamic world particularly Syria, Egypt and Bangladesh.

In his speech, Saudi minister Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz expressed happiness over coming to Jamaat headquarters and meeting with Jamaat leaders. He talked about the services being rendered by Saudi Arab particularly his ministry for the welfare and progress of Muslims and to spread the teachings of Islam all over the world.

The Saudi minister was accompanied with Saudi Ambassador in Delhi and other top officials of the embassy.

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  1. Reyaz Hussain

    Islam jinda bad

  2. asif Qureshi

    Assalamu alikum… I need a job In Auto Cad civil Draftsman In Saudi Arabia…
    I have 5 years experience in same field…..
    So please if u rewert me by mail orcall

  3. Mahboob Thaha

    I just wanted to know what the Saudi Delegation had to say on the issue of Egypt. Can JIH reveal that?

    • FARiDUN salahi

      Please read Dawat ( page no 3 Feb 22

  4. Anis Rahman

    I think they came here to build the image of their government .

  5. Ibrahim

    Saudi delegation deserved protest not reception for their crime of supporting anti-ikhwan Sisi.

  6. chand

    Islam jinda bad

  7. Salman

    The cowerdice act of the Saudi government in egypt in reponse to the voices against the dictotorship in egypt and elsewhere and funding the illigetimate sis givernment to build the churches in egypt, has made clear the hypocracy of arabs, after being witnessed all these hypocratic acts if jamaat e eslami hind doesnt have clearified the right stance to the suadi government then it is believed that jamaate eslami hind’s support has theri own wested intrerest and all are accountable to Allah subhanahu wataala about this shameful act. May Allah Bless us the courage to raise against injustice irrespective of our personel interest. ameen