Presenting Islamic ideology is need of the hour: Ameer-e Jamaat

February 18, 2014


New Delhi, 16 Feb 2014: Presenting Islamic ideology as a challenge in the current world is the need of the hour. Today’s western ideology, which is based on negation of god, is dominant in all spheres of life, thus presenting an alternative is the obligation on the thinking minds, said Maulana Sayed Jalaluddin Umri, Ameer (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

He was speaking to students of the Islami Academy at a program organized to mark the start of second semester of the Academy.

Maulana Umri further said that research has two dimensions. Firstly, thought process (fikr) and secondly; activities to accomplish it. He emphasised that having proper thought process is a pre-requisite. He also emphasised that research should be done on lively topics which have direct impact on society rather than some subject for intellectual gymnastics. He further said that while carrying out intellectual activities one must be aware of the ground realities of the society and proper balance must be maintained between research and activism. He also shed light on the importance of Arabic language and asked the students to master the language. He said that real wealth is faith and character and success is dependent on this.

Dr. Hasan Raza, director of Islami Academy delivered inaugural speech. He said that without proper clarity of perception, research becomes intellectual gymnastics and activism becomes hobby.

Mr Rafiq, dean of the academy presented a brief report of the activities carried out in first semester. Asad Falahi, student of Islami Academy recited few verses of Quran to mark the inaugural of the programme. Anisur Rehman Nadvi, coordinator Islami Academy anchored the programme. Academy faculties Omair Islahi and Khan Yasir were also present on the occasion.

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  1. Anis Rahman

    Really there is no concept of research without any thought, a true and right ideology motivate the people to engage in the society .

  2. Mukid Shekh

    I want to Join Islamic Academy