Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Women’s Wing launches nationwide campaign ‘Strong Family Strong Society’, to fix deteriorating family structure, uphold core values



Leaders of JIH WOMEN’S WING addressing a PC, held at PCI, New Delhi on ‘STRONG FAMILY STRONG SOCIETY’.


New Delhi, 17th Feb. 2021: The Women’s Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) is conducting a countrywide 10-day campaign ‘Strong Family Strong Society’ to restore the core values of the family and the society, commencing from Friday.


Speaking at a press conference today, here at the Press Club of India, JIH Women’s Wing Co-Secretary Mrs. Rahmathunnisa said, “family, the basic building block of the society as well as the foundation of civilization is under tremendous threat of being weakened and disintegrated because of the rapid and rising incidents of the family conflict, domestic violence, woman abuse and divorce. Hence, as Indian citizens, we need to strengthen the core of our society by fixing its basic unit, family.”


Commenting on the present deteriorating situation of the family system , Mrs. Rahmathunnisa, said, “the National Commission for Women has recently reported an exponential rise in domestic violence during the Covid-19 lockdown. Other survey reports say that the increase in domestic violence is at a 10-year high record. Divorce rates increased and cases registered against family disputes have skyrocketed. This data is just the tip of the iceberg and cases of women subject to verbal, physical, sexual and psychological violence and abuse are becoming extremely common. Our children, youth and senior citizens also face difficulties of different kinds.  The youth today wants to evade the responsibilities of marriage and family life. The rising trends of live-in relationship, homosexuality, abortion of unwanted pregnancies as well as the virtual revolt against all value systems of family and society pose a clear and present danger towards the health of a vibrant society.”


Stating the aims and objectives of the campaign, to be run between 19th Feb and 28th Feb. 2021, Mrs. Rahmathunnisa has said that the Women’s’ Wing is conducting the campaign to create awareness for strengthening the family and home, warn people about the dangers of seeking happiness outside the institution of marriage, respecting and protecting the rights of the old and highlight the shared family values of every culture. “The deterioration in moral values is not because of religion but because of abandoning it,” she added.


All India Convener of the campaign Mrs.Shaista Rafat highlighted some of the activities envisaged during the campaign. She said: “We wish to reach out to both the Muslim community as well as the wider society. We have grass-root level programmes as well as some state-level and national-level programmes. We will be conducting corner meetings, family get-togethers, competitions, family quiz, and interfaith dialogues. Some of our programmes will also be online in the form of international webinars, and daily online interactive sessions with experts. Letters will be sent to community leaders, Imams of mosques and various religious scholars to draw their attention towards this theme. We will also approach the women commission, education institutions, family counsellors and lawyers as part of the campaign.”


The campaign committee members Ms.Juweria Farheen and Ms.Fatima Tanveer also addressed the media.



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