Success of both worlds lies in following Quran: Ameer Jamaat

December 4, 2010

Jamaat’s Campaign on ‘Enlightened by Quran’

JIH A.P. and Orissa zone president Malik Moatasim Khan told that, in the present day world each and every human being feeling unsafe, for maintaing peace, sincere thinking is needed. He also told that the peace in t house and society prevails following the teaching of Quran.  Further he told that Women are exploited in West in the name of freedom. The present day educational system from KG to PG just emphasizing on how to earn money, hence the people thinks for their own self and not for others. Quran is the solution for the emancipation of entire human being.  Acharya Surya president Rushi Sanskriti Samiti Kendra (Bangalore) put light on the early 40 years life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).  He pointed out that those who are greedy and craving to earn wealth, it resulted in loss for his own self and impacts the whole society. For spiritual peace Muslim should offer Namaz punctually. Braham Kumari, Kuldip Bahenji, also spoke on the occasion she told that the negative thinking of a man spoils the society, all the people of the world including Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian are the follower of God, so we should live together. Prof. Syed Jahangir and Mohd. Rafique assit. Secretary JIH A. P. and Orissa also spoke on the occasion.


Muslims should follow the preaching of Quran for the success of both the world. Whatever Quran tells is not irrational the solution to all the problems lies in following the preaching of Quran these were the words of Maulana Jalaluddin Umri. He was speaking on the occasion of a symposium organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind on the eve of ten day State level campaign ‘Enlightened by Quran’.   Continuing his speech he told that Quran guides in all the section of the human life.  Islam wants to eradicate the tyranny and establish justice in the world. So the Muslims of the world should stand to establish justice in the world.


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