Ulema meet Governor of Karnataka

September 22, 2012

In the wake of recent international furore caused by the mischievous  film “Innocence of Muslims”  defaming the Propthet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) a united forum of Ulema, Scholars, Intellectuals and Representatives of  various Muslim organisations in Karnataks met H.R. Bhardwaj, the Governor of Karnataka, on Tuesday, 18 September 2012.

In the meeting, the forum presented a memorandum and conveyed the condemnation the blasphemous act of American Zionist, Sam Basil & his cohorts and stated this a criminal act of conspiracy to deliberatley hurt Muslim sentiments, disturb peace and damage communal harmony. The memorandum states that one of the important teachings of Quran is not to speak ill of the dieties revered by other people. Inspite of the differences in religions, Islam instructs its followers to stand up for justice and respect others. It is compulsory on Muslims to believe in all the prophets and divine books.

It called for an international law on blasphemy against all religions should be debated at the UN  and enacted and stated that the unbridled freedom of expression, with no moral qualification or concern for  social order and public good, has often been used to denigrate religious personalities and sentiments. The unsavoury episodes of Salman Rushdie , Taslima Nasreen, film on Jesus Christ, derogatory articles in Deccan Herald , Indian Express, Vijayavani, etc . in the past are well known.

The forum urged youth, who are naturally very upset and angered, given their love of the Prophet (PBUH),to restrain and not to take the issue to the streets. They stated that violence and venting anger on unconnected persons is not in accordance with Islamic teachings.

The forum stated that vocal terrorism can be more dangerous and damaging  than physical terrorism.

The urged the Government to convey deep sense of hurt, anger and indignation of Muslim Ummah to the American Government and requested the Governor to forward the  memorandum the President of India,and use diplomatic channels to impress the need to bring the culprits to justice.

The forum team members who met the Governor are: Moulana Mufti Mohammed Ashraf Ali Baqvi,Ameer-e- Shariath, Karnataka, Moulana Waheeduddin Khan Umri Madani, Co-odinator, Action Committee, JIH- Karnataka, Moulana Qadeer Ahmed Adaul- Aamiri, Convener Hilal Comittee, Karnataka,  Moulana Syed Mustafa Rafaai Nadvi, Member All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Moulana Zaeem Raza Aabidi, Repersentitive Shia – Imamia, Feroze Abdullah, Coodinator Action committee, Bangalore.

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