JIH Delegation Visits Ghaziabad

September 19, 2012

New Delhi, 19 September, 2012: A delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind visited Dasna and Masoori areas of the Ghaziabad district. These areas were affected last a few days by riots due to the insult of the Holy Quran caused by some unsocial elements. The delegation observed the place of this hateful incident and talked to the respected locals to know how this all had happened.

The delegation headed by Jb. Muhammad Ahmad, secretary of the department of community and national issues, JIH, reached the Masoori Police station and talked to C.O. Sadar Mr Ranvijay Singh and station in-charge Mr Avdhesh Kumar to understand the details of the incident. The delegation demanded for an impartial investigation of the case and actions to be taken on the basis of justice. The Police officers made the delegation assured that no one will be disturbed unnecessarily and all actions will be taken according to the demand of justice.

The delegation also visited the houses of some affected locals and appealed them to have patience and forbearance in this most difficult situation of life. The delegation also appealed to all locals for making efforts to develop the atmosphere of peace, harmony and brotherhood in the area.

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