We will use social media effectively to connect with youth: JIH Gen Sec

January 20, 2014


New Delhi, 20 Jan 2014: “We have always been open and tried to be first to utilize any modern technique for spreading the teachings of Islam and our message across the country and globe. Though a bit late, we have now decided to use various social media platforms for the very purpose,” said Mr. Nusrat Ali, General Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind while addressing the concluding session of the daylong workshop on Social Media here at the headquarters of Jamaat Sunday evening (19 Jan).

The lively workshop attended by around 60 young people, mostly professionals in different fields but active on social networking sites, discussed significance and technicalities of major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and WhatsApp .

When traders of hatred are using these platforms to spoil the minds why we shouldn’t use them to spread the messages of peace, communal harmony, brotherhood and humanity, said Mohammad Salim Engineer, Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, the brain behind the initiative, in his opening remarks while inaugurating the workshop earlier in the day.

Three groups of participants worked separately to formulate suggestions for content generation, strategies and technical aspects. The participants were also made aware of the legalities involved in use of social media.

The participants submitted their suggestions and proposals regarding mechanism to generate contents, upload on various social media platforms and spread them. After a formal discussion later, Jamaat will give a final shape to the mechanism. A formal network of like-minded people throughout the globe would be created.


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  1. Mosin Zulfi

    good initiative but very late we need to come on this font and gave some alternative by utilizing social media, may Allah bless us on this platform to propagate message of ISLAM(peace).

  2. Shah Abdul Hannan

    Social media should be used more .This is effective.Through this we can spread Islamic teachings and also clarify the mistakes , ignorance and falsehood preached by others. Shah Abdul Hannan

  3. Mohammed Ziaullah

    I was told to attend this work shop but unfortunately i could not attend due to non availability of train ticket. I am ready to contribute in this filed to the best of my capacities

  4. Javed

    We are late 10 years compare to others for using social media.. Educational system also we are 20 years behind than others…


    masha ALLAH ….v need to wrk a lot in dis field…….. v r far behind in dis field

  6. sabir

    Subhan Allah our brother in Muscat has contemplated this thought and gave a thought provoking speech on the subject last month.
    we at Muscat are happy that Jamaat has initiated this branch for Dai ilallah.

  7. Dr. Parvez Mandviwala

    Is there a recording of this seminar? I was also invited to this seminar after attending a similar seminar in Mumbai which was organised by the Maharashtra Media cell, but could not venture to Delhi for this seminar because of work commitments.

  8. md.sharief

    good but late

  9. abuabdullah


  10. Shabir Ahmad

    It is a very good step.Although late but still a good initiative.I want to be member of such programme

  11. Well Wisher

    Good Initiative. But like with anyother tool, the internet is also like a sharp knife and to be used very carefully.
    People who start to use it without really understanding the dangers of using it may fall into the trap of Shaitan. What are the measures that you are going to take to avoid such things.
    If you encourage a moderate common muslim to spread good things… yes he will do it but eventually… he may fall into the easy traps. Whats the prevention mechanisam that you are adivising to your people to be safe?

  12. seo Hitchin

    Excellent article. I’m experiencing some of these issues ass well..