Follow Islamic Commandments and Avoid Western Civilization: Maulana Umari in Nanded

February 26, 2012

Nanded, 26 February, 2012: Muslims should strictly follow Islamic commandments as given by the Almighty through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in each and every part of life with regular prayers, fasts, hajj, etc and do not follow the western civilization, said Maulana Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) in a public program at Maharastra’s Nanded district.

The main theme of the program organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Nanded Unit was “Ideal Family, Ideal Society”. While criticizing to western civilization Maulana Umari said that the evils of western civilization are now spreading in India. Unmarried couples are proud of living together without marriage bond and terming it ’live-in relation’, which is a huge social evil.

Dr Hasan Raza, member of the Advisory Council of JIH had also criticized the moral deterioration of the society and said, “We are living in a sensitive age and western civilization is destroying our society. Hence, it is necessary to make Nikah easy to stop younger generation from loafing and dating.” He appealed to youth, “Come and let us take a pledge to stop spreading evils in our society and to do Nikah by following the Islamic norms, and avoid antiquated rituals and taking dowry.”

“Married couples should live with love and affection and avoid quarrelling with each other because the family setups are used to be destroyed through the conflicts and quarrels,” He further advised.

He said that the television is one of the major causes of the deterioration in our society, as indecency and nudity is being common through the television. He advised the people to avoid putting television inside their houses.

He has also appealed to non-political and religious organizations to come together and live in harmony with peace and brotherhood.

The meeting was chaired by Maulana Umari and moderated by Jb Abdul Jaleel, Deputy Ameer JIH, along with Jb Nusrat Ali, general secretary, and Mohammad Jafar.

Mufti Khaleelur Rahman Qasmi, vice president of Jamiatul Ulema Maharasthra also attended the program as the guest of honour.

Hamid Husain, Ameer-e-Maqami of JIH, had given the vote of thanks and the program was concluded with Dua of Maulana Umari. At least 6000 audience, including men and women, attended the program.

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