Islam gave dignity to women they deserved

May 17, 2010

Women are suppressed since a long time. They were oppressed since a long time by all kind of society. Even modern society is not doing justice to women. The form and facets of oppression changed but oppression continued. Still girl baby is killed in womb. These thoughts were expressed by President of JIH Rajasthan, Er.Saleem in the press conference.

He insisted that only Islam gave justice, freedom and dignity to women they deserved. Islam first time in history gave women the right on property. They got share in inheritance. Mehrunnissa, JIH Women wing organizer said that only Islam deliver high dignity to women. Mother is ranked much higher than father in Islam

The organizer of women wing of Jaipur, Ishrat Hayat told reporters that on 22 may a grand women conference will be organized.

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