JIH Wants Govt. to Regulate Internet to Stop All Online Pornography

August 12, 2015

porn ban

New Delhi, Aug. 11, 2015: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has strongly appealed to the government of India not to abandon its basic responsibility of safe-guarding the moral fiber of society. Vice-President Nusrat Ali said that: “After deciding to block all pornographic content from the internet, the government suddenly wilted under pressure from some quarters and has now confined itself to blocking only those sites which display child porn. This is regrettable as it is the bounden duty of every government to protect the interests of its citizens especially the moral character of the younger generation. Our youth will fall prey to these evils if not stopped at its roots and the resulting moral decadence and sexual anarchy is bound to sap the vital energies of our nation.”

He drew the attention of the government that liberal countries like the UK and the UAE block all pornographic material at the ISP level through filters and proxy servers and so there is no dearth of technology to accomplish this task. Nusrat Ali also disagreed with the comment by Attorney-General Mukul Rohatgi that: “Somebody wants to watch porn in the privacy of his room, can we prevent that?”

Nusrat Ali also said: “Jamaat believes that all pornography including child porn is a blot on society and a grave dishonor to human dignity. Alcohol and pornography have a direct relation with the rise in sexual crimes against women and children in India and the government must come out heavily against these forces who are trying to weaken our country morally.”

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1 Comment

  1. Nazir Ahmad Magrey

    It is praiseworthy that jamat islami Hind took step to advise govt of India for stoping the porn vedios which destructed the character of youths. Congrtulations for jamat islami.