Maharashtara JIH press confrence against homosexuality

July 16, 2009

Aping the west is going to devastate and destruct our nation on such scale that it would be impossible to salvage.

The Delhi High court in its recent judgment rejected the plea that homosexuality is a crime.  If the religious intellectuals, social activists and political forces ignore the implications of this judgment, the Indian civilization will surely head towards anarchy.  The strong family system will be shattered and the damper of falling to the dreaded disease of AIDS will loom large upon all of us, because according to a survey by the Center for Disease Control, USA, in the Year 2005, 71% of those affected with AIDS belong to homosexual groups.

Nature’s design of dividing the human and animal life is to sustain their progeny.  Among humanity it is more relevant as a male and female give rise to a family and in the process civilization is thus takes advent. the one who contradicts this divine scheme and indulges in homosex, commits a number of crimes. Such a person helps in spreading the AIDS, renders himself incapable of supporting and sustaining the future generation and thus damages the social system. He corrupts the gender of at least one male and two female persons.  Apart from the moral degradation, it is a cause of concern that a country which boasts of rich moral and cultural heritage, 99 percent of its people are deeply religious and honor religious values, the government machinery of such a country is planning to scrap sec. 377 of the constitution which prohibits homosexuality.

It is for the first time in history of litigation pertaining to constitutional issues that The Union of India has filed two contradictory affidavits before the Delhi High Court. The Home Ministry filed affidavit defending the article of sec.377 of IPC, while The Health Ministry has filed affidavit contradicting the stand taken by The Home Ministry and totally supporting the stand of petitioners. The Central Government persists in its policy of double speak and has not yet make up its mind to challenge the  judgment of the Delhi High Court.

We hereby call upon the Central Government to speak with one voice before the bar of public opinion as also in court and live up to the principle of collective responsibility of the Cabinet System of Government.

The reasons upon which the Hon. High Court is getting upon, and decriminalized the sex between contentious adult of same sex, could as well be applied to decriminalize the crimes such as adultery pedophilia, Drugs consumption, sex between father and daughter by mutual consent, brother and sister even son and mother.  All such crimes would fall under the reasonable and balanced yard sticks which the court has applied.  The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind views the Hon. Delhi High Court’s recent judgment contra-views the spirit of constitution of India and also against the social and moral values of Indian civilization, It appeals all the well wishers to rise to the occasion and stall any move on part of government of India, for enacting a legislation, in this regard, which would pave the way for large scale moral degradation resulting in devastation of Indian society.

The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra requests the government to go in appeal in Supreme Court against the Delhi High Court decision and see that 377 remains intact imposing the ban on Homosexuality.

Muhammad Aslam Ghazi,
Secretary P.R. Dept.
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra

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