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“Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) scaled the pinnacle of humaneness” – Maulana Shafi Madani

Posted on 07 December 2019 by Admin_markaz


A symposium on the “Life of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Barpeta District at Assam Sahitya Sabha Bhabwan Auditorium Hall, Howly, Barpeta, Assam. There were around 200 participants in the Programme. Distinguished guests gracing the occasion were:

1. Maulana Shafi Madani, Markazi Secretary, and In-charge, JIH Assam North.
2. Mr. Bashishta Dev Sharma. Satradhikar, Barpeta Satra
3. Mr.Nripendra Barpujari, Presidents Awardee, and Retired Teacher Adarsh Bidapith High School.
4. Dr. Shamsul Alam. Superintendent, Barpeta Civil Hospital
5. Dr. Dewan Nazrul Qadir, Member, Majlis-e-Numayendan, JIH, Assistant Professor, BB Kishan College


Maulana Shafi Madani talked about the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his mission. He said: “Muhammad (pbuh) scaled the pinnacle of humaneness.” His message of peace and justice is universal. Real peace and justice is possible only if we implement the teachings of Islam and the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He was the Messenger of peace and justice and an example for all of us and for every age.” Maulana Madani explained how the establishment of peace is possible in all spheres of life through the teachings of Islam and guidance of Muhammad (pbuh)


Bashishta Dev Sharma. Satradhikar, Barpeta Satra said: “All religions believe that there is only one God and spread the message of peace. Muhammad (pbuh) was the Messenger of Peace. We need to work together to uphold peace and morality. There is a need to inculcate morality among the younger generation.”


Mr. Nripnedra Barpujarai, Presidents Awardee Retired Teacher Adarsh Bidapith High School also said that all religions believe there is only one God. Dr. Shamsul Alam shed light on that the teachings of Muhammad (pbuh).


Dr. Dewan Nazrul Qadir, said Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the final Messenger of Allah and a guide for the whole humankind. In today’s unjust world only his message can establish peace and justice. Maulana Moinul Hoque, Member JIH and former superintendent of Pota Senior Madrasa, Pota, Barpeta presided over the program. Br. Shafikul Islam, Divisional Organizer, JIH Lower, Assam was the convener of the program. Jb. Sadullah Hoque, President, JIH, Howly West Unit, welcomed the guests. Organizers offered plants, floral napkins, and the Holy Quran to the guests. Bashishta Dev Sharma. Satradhikar, Barpeta Satra took the Quran on his head with love and respect given to him by the organizers. The meeting ended with a concluding speech of President of the Meeting.

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