Reinvestigate Jaipur Bomb Blasts Case

May 30, 2008

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Rajasthan has demanded reinvestigation of the May 2008 Jaipur serial bomb blasts case. State President Engineer Muhammad Saleem said “The investigating agencies took almost three years understanding our point. During these three years highly profiled professional students, religious leaders and teachers belonging to the Muslim community had been targeted.” “The former government was fully committed to help the alleged, consequently the truth could not come forth for full three years, the real culprits succeeded in escaping from the grip of law and innocent people were targeted,” he added.

Condemning the ATS’s attempt to save a particular organisation, he said that previously, the BJP government also veiled the facts in order to save the criminals, while their names had been exposed during the Malegaon Blast case. He wasn’t surprised about the names of persons and organisations coming to light in this case. He said, “We insisted from the very first day that the agencies must carry out all investigations without any prejudice.

He suggested the government to act immediately before the culprits go far from the clutches of the law, and should not attempt to save any particular organisation or group. He guessed that some other outfits, whose names have been coming forth in relation to different terrorist activities, might be involved in this case.

Mr. Saleem repeated his demand to reinvestigate the Jaipur Bomb Blasts Case, so that the innocent may be freed and the real culprits could be brought behind the bars.

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