Students should learn other skills: dr. gananath ekkar

January 10, 2011

It is not worth for a college or school student just to learn academics. He should learn other skills. In a programme as such the students should come out in numbers was said by Dr. Gananath Ekkar who is a professor and H.O.D of kannada department in Government college, Tenkanadiyur. He was here on the concluding programme as a chief guest on the occasion of Children festival 2011 organized by Jamaate islami hind, udupi.

One of the other guests Haji Abdulla parkala praised the organizers as he felt the programme unearths the talent of the children and encourages them. In this ere the children should be counseled properly. Our children should not only lighten up their parents in home, but rather lighten up our state country and not only that but entire world. PARENTS should have such ambitions was appealed by Humanitarian relief society (H.R.S) state secretary Akbar ali.

The children festival which was organized for the children of the age group 4-12 years old .The festival comprised of competition such as SPEECH, QUIZ and several outdoor games. Children circle cadres presented entertainment shows and prizes were distributed. In this festival the participants along with their parents were more than 200.

Abdul aziz umari recited the Quran. Inaugural words delivered by organizer shahila haneefand she welcomed the gathering. Sarfaraz manna was the convener of the programme. secretary Anwar ali was also present. Local president Mohammed marakada presented vote of thanks.

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