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Country Must Be Ruled by Secular People to Ensure Peace and Progress

Posted on 25 April 2019 by Admin_markaz


Jaipur, 25 April 2019: “The government has subverted the constitutional institutions in order to enforce its agenda and communal hatred is being spread in a planned way,” said Dr. Mohammad Salim Engineer, Vice President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

Presiding over a symposium on “Challenges to Our Constitution and Democracy”, jointly organized by more than a dozen organisations of civil society here on April 23, Dr. Salim said that the fascist forces have ruined the country.

Jamaat’s Vice President was of the opinion that the country must be ruled by secular people so that peace may prevail and our country may move on to the path of progress.

Other dignitaries who spoke at the symposium included Mr. TC Rahul (Retd. Judge), Mrs. Lad Kumari Jain (Former chairperson, Rajasthan Women’s Commission) and Sawai Singh (Rajasthan State President, FDCA, and State Secretary, CPI)

Mr. Basant, Member Rajasthan Nagrik Manch, conducted the programme.

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